Clare Kang

Monday, October 01, 2012


1. Mix ADia powder with drinking water, Ratio Powder : water => 1: 12
For example: 100gram GreenTea jelly + 1200cc water

2. Heat up #1.  During boiling, please stir it, till powder and water are mixed completely.

3. Place #2 to container.  It will change its format to jelly. 
Suggest storage jelly at refrigerator.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Frozen Tapioca Pearl

Frozen Tapioca pearl:
There are two flavors avaliable: Coffee, Brown sugar

Forzen Tapioca pearl_Coffee
Each cup contains: 70gram of Coffee concentraction and 40gram of Frozen Tapioca pearl
Recipe=> Microwave 50 seconds
Mix above with equivalant to 500 cc of water and ice
Adjust cream and sweetness based on your preference

Frozen Tapioca pearl_Brown Sugar
Each cup contains: 60gram of Brown sugar concentration and 50gram of Tapioca pearl
Recipe => Microwave it 50 seconds
Add equivalant to 500cc of tea (black tea, green tea,...), milk (cream or floating cream powder), ice... to be bubble tea
Adjust cream and sweetness based on your preference

HS Code _ for bubble tea products

Products H.S. Code
Tapioca pearl => 1903.00.10.00-4
Pop Boba => 2106.90.99.90-3
Powder => 1102.90.90.00-7
Syrup => 1702.90.30.00-4
Yogurt Syrup => 2106.90.10.00-8
Jelly => 2008.99.91.90-1
Topping => 2009.80.91.00-0
Non-dairy cream => 1517.90.10.00-3
Seal film_PP => 3921.90.90.00-2
Seal film_PLA => 8422.30.00.00-9

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

奶蓋粉的製作方式_Floating Cream Powder

奶蓋紛 : 溫水or 鮮奶 = 1 : 4
奶蓋粉:鮮奶油+牛奶 = 1:4
鮮奶油與鮮奶比例 請依店家成本作調整


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tea - Recipe

Black Tea #756

  • 100 g Tea

  • @100'c 4000 ml water for 12 minutes

  • add 1000g Ice

Black Tea

  • 100 g Tea

  • @100'c 4000ml water for 15 minutes

  • add 1000g Ice

  • Shake

Green Tea

  • 100 g Tea

  • @85'c 4000ml water for 6 minutes

  • add 1000g Ice

  • Shake

Oolong Green Tea

  • 100 g Tea

  • @95'c 4000ml water for 10 minutes

  • add 1000g Ice

Tapioca pearl _ Recipe

1. To boil water
Suggest use: pressure cooker or Thermo pot

2. When the water is boiling, put the Tapioca pearls into the boiling water.
Must be enough water. The pearl dimension will grow after heating at hot water.
Adia's Tapioca Pearl

3. Turn the stove to "middle" and cook for about 20 minutes
Please adjust time if it's need.  
9mm: 25mins
8mm: 20min
Small: 15mins

4. During the 20 minutes, check it and Stir.
During this boiling, the pearls become soft and cooked outside
5. After 20 minutes boiling water, turn off the stove. Leave the pearls at the hot spot, cover the lid for 25 minutes
It is to give the pearls completed cooked inside.
9mm: 30mins
8mm: 25mins
Small: 20mins 

6. Scoop the bubble pearls, and rinse them with cold water (or ice water).
Cold water is to make the pearl not to stick together and taste chewy.
7. Leach the pour bubble pearls into drink water
Not too much water, this step is for #8, mix it with sweet favor.
8. Add sugar.
Storage tapioca pearl at separated container, only mix with drink before serve.