Clare Kang

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Frozen Tapioca Pearl

Frozen Tapioca pearl:
There are two flavors avaliable: Coffee, Brown sugar

Forzen Tapioca pearl_Coffee
Each cup contains: 70gram of Coffee concentraction and 40gram of Frozen Tapioca pearl
Recipe=> Microwave 50 seconds
Mix above with equivalant to 500 cc of water and ice
Adjust cream and sweetness based on your preference

Frozen Tapioca pearl_Brown Sugar
Each cup contains: 60gram of Brown sugar concentration and 50gram of Tapioca pearl
Recipe => Microwave it 50 seconds
Add equivalant to 500cc of tea (black tea, green tea,...), milk (cream or floating cream powder), ice... to be bubble tea
Adjust cream and sweetness based on your preference

HS Code _ for bubble tea products

Products H.S. Code
Tapioca pearl => 1903.00.10.00-4
Pop Boba => 2106.90.99.90-3
Powder => 1102.90.90.00-7
Syrup => 1702.90.30.00-4
Yogurt Syrup => 2106.90.10.00-8
Jelly => 2008.99.91.90-1
Topping => 2009.80.91.00-0
Non-dairy cream => 1517.90.10.00-3
Seal film_PP => 3921.90.90.00-2
Seal film_PLA => 8422.30.00.00-9